Ghost glared at Mira for a moment, angered further by the outburst. Turning her gaze back to Mandalore, she waited to see if he would answer. Depending on his answer, she knew the lightsaber in hand just might end up cutting his head off.

She was tired of this, tired of fighting, and just wanted to get some rest. They also had to meet up with Thrass, which she had no clue where that would be. The communicator he had left them was with Mar.

Would anyone give her some real information?


Carla let out a loud squawk as she flapped her wings and fluttered to the floor. Looking up at Serenity and Mar, she tilted her head with worry over the young Padawan.

Who had found them?


After what seemed like hours of internal arguments, Jin'Lor finally left the lab and went on a hunt for Liden. Upon finding her, he let out a snarl. "You want your immortal army?" He snapped. "Get me Ripper...you get him for me and I'll give you your damned army."

The exhausted and angry look on his face suggested there was more he wanted, but he said nothing else. All he did was wait for an answer.

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