Can't Run...

Liden was sitting in her personal chamber on a large chair. She had been meditating when Jin'Lor barged in and told him what he wanted. Liden's black lips curled into a devilish smile as she listened.

"You'll be pleased to know my Inquisitor has followed my friend Leto and your Ripper to Mandalore... I can have her try to capture him. However, I know it would be easier if she knew how to incapacitate him. He is like you and the child after all..." Liden had also heard the lingering hesitation in Jin'Lor's voice. "Please, my dear, do not hesitate to ask me for anything. What else do you need? I will see it is met." It was a genuine question.

Mar cursed. "Remain calm, my apprentice. We have to find the others first. Together we can better defend ourselves."

Escape was out of the question. The Void Swift was scrap now. They would have to find a way to hide on the planet. Mira and Keran would know what to do. Though they needed help and Mar suddenly remembered the commlink he had to get in touch with Thrass.

He pulled it out. "Thrass? This is Mar Leto. Please tell me your search for information is fruitful?"


Mandalore tilted his helmeted head in surprise. "By The Force... That is where I recognize you... Yes... I know of every Mandalorian alive or dead today. I am Mandalore, after all." He made a dissatisfied noise under his helmet. "Ruellia Venneroe... Yes... What do you want to know child?"

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