Change Of Plans?

Hearing how genuine Liden's question was made Jin'Lor freeze for a moment, taken aback by the reminder that she was still a humane individual. Rubbing at the back of his head, blue eyes turning away, he let out a heavy sigh. The weight of what he intended to do seemed to push down on him more than he expected.

"Ghost," He finally said the name as both fists curled into fists, sharp claws cutting into his palms. "I need Ghost as well. That's all..."

Standing there for a long moment, eyes seeming lost and staring at something not there, Jin'Lor returned his gaze to Liden. "Just electrocute Ripper. He'll be incapacitated for a few days." He explained.


Thrass had gotten back to digging for information the moment he had left the little party, even collecting a holodisk from one of his informants. Of course, it had taken a little persuasion with a blaster pistol, but he had gotten it.

It was a surprise to him, though, when he heard Mar over the commlink so soon.

He pulled it out. "Thrass? This is Mar Leto. Please tell me your search for information is fruitful?"

Blinking, he answered calmly as he kept a blaster pressed to the head of his most recent visit to an informant. "Depends on what you call fruitful." He said. "I take it there's been a change of plans?"

When his answer was a loud squawk, Thrass pulled the commlink away as if being yelled out. "What was that?" He asked.


Ghost was surprised to hear him throw her mother's name out there so easily and shifted in discomfort. "Was that her full name when she...left?" She inquired, almost afraid to hear the answer.

Mandalore's answer was the name he had spoken just a moment ago. "She did leave on good terms as far as I recall." He informed her with a chuckle, though.

"So, you know little of her?" Ghost's tone went dark, the anger trying to boil up again. "Do you know why she left? What made her quit of you?"

"A man named Ryze was all the information I got." He answered. "If you want anything more, you would do better looking up information on her brother."

Of course, Ghost thought as she realized everything seemed to turn a full circle and fall upon Jin'Lor yet again. He was the one who had made her what she was, raised her, and betrayed her. This should have been no surprise to her.

All she wanted to do now was leave.

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