Get Underground

Ryze was repairing one of VT-L2's arms when he heard the lightsaber ignite. Jerking around, green eyes narrowing at her, frowned and reached for his own lightsaber at his hip. "I have no master..." He stated through a frustrated hiss.

Pulling the lightsaber free, he lit it. He was wary of her after the fight back on the frozen planet. It had been difficult enough keeping up with her when he still had the assistance of the AI, but it was in a state of slumber at the moment. He did not have the luxury of a computer helping him make quick responses.

This would be a fight Ryze had to win on his own.

He hoped he could win.

"Run..." He whispered and VT-L2 was quick to bolt out of the ship.


Still looking and feeling extremely upset, Ghost went to Mira and grabbed at her hand. She offered Mandalore a glance, a hint of regret in her eyes, but she could not ask anymore questions. Her heart ached and burned with a desire to know more, but she could not face the facts just yet. She could not accept that Jin'Lor, that her creator, was a real monster.

She had seen it, though, and the reality of that made her want to cry more.


Thrass grimaced and responded quickly. "Get underground. Literally! I can find you easily once your down there. Just...stay out of the water."

Carla was quick on her tiny legs, following close behind Serenity.

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