He Never Misses

Thrass could hear the pleading in Mar's voice, choosing to listen.

It did not take him long to find Ghost and Mira, not missing the assassin. With a snort, he pulled out his blaster pistol and easily shot the fool down before turning to both women. "Mar wants me to get you two to safety." He snapped in a far too calm voice. "Come on!"

Before the chiss arrived, all Ghost could do was nod toward Mira and Keran. She truly felt alone, but the reassurance helped a bit. She was just far too lost on what to do at the moment.

Seeing Thrass take down the assassin, she gasped.

With a grin, Thrass shrugged. "I never miss." He stated.


Ryze deflected each attack, almost growling as he glared at the Ninth Sister. He felt a deep rage at the mention of Jin'Lor and began to attack rapidly. There was no way he would be considered a servant of that beast!

"He is not my master!" He roared.

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