And Truth Lead To Suffering...

Serenity froze stoned by the events and the seane. " It was you. Y-Yyou killed him" she whimpered.

Mar released the broken assassin as he sputtered and fell to the ground... barely alive. "...Yes... It was me... all those years ago..." Mar lowered his head in shame... "I killed Master Peren... I didn't know when I first met you... until he told me... I... I wanted to tell you Serenity... I..." It was then that she lunged at him. He didn't even try to defend the attack, feeling it was fitting to have her be the one to kill him... "I hope to see you again... Tal..."

But the blade never touched him. Instead, Serenity had attacked his lightsaber, destroying it before running off into the crowd.

"Serenity! No!" Mar chased after her. "Wait! Come back!"


Ryze deflected each attack, almost growling as he glared at the Ninth Sister. He felt a deep rage at the mention of Jin'Lor and began to attack rapidly. There was no way he would be considered a servant of that beast!

"He is not my master!" He roared.

The Ninth Sister smirked. "Then what is that AI then? Other than the shackle that ties you to him?" The swiped at his legs with her saber, her speed did indeed surpass his own, and she was able to clip him in the ankle with her saber.

"You are blunt... confident in your power to heal to carry you through a fight... I am a sharpened blade... crafted to kill... You have no chance..."


Mira nodded to Thrass. "Thanks. Very nice shooting. We'll follow your lead."

Keran clung onto one of Mira's head tentacles as the group started to run. Soon making their way to a place Mira had hoped Thrass wasn't taking them...

The sewer...

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