Panicking Droid

Ryze cringed at the new pain in his ankle, doing his best to ignore it as the fresh wound healed. Stepping back, he tried to assess the situation. The Ninth Sister's words were a stab to an emotional wound he was attempting to keep locked away.

He refused to believe that Jin'Lor was anything but his enemy at this point.

"You are blunt... confident in your power to heal to carry you through a fight... I am a sharpened blade... crafted to kill... You have no chance..."

Narrowing his eyes, he threw his lightsaber at the woman in rage and pulled his double bladed sword free. Following the thrown lightsaber, he slashed at her in a last ditch effort to catch her off guard.

He only wished he had kept Ring with him.


Thrass did indeed lead them to a hatch in the ground that would take them straight down into the sewers. "Sorry, it's the safest place..." He muttered with a frown, noting how Ghost and Mira were dressed. "Stay out of the water."

Ghost blinked and began to climb down, ears twitching in multiple directions, trying to listen for anything dangerous. "What about Serenity and Mar?" She called up to him.

The chiss thought for a moment and tried to contact Mar. "Hey, I got the girls. You need anymore help?" He asked as he gestured politely for Mira to climb down. The blaster pistol was still in that hand, ready to shoot anyone that threatened them.

That was when VT-L2 came rushing at them, slamming right into Mira's leg. He was blubbering, the words spoken turning into panicked static and distress.

"What is with this droid?" Thrass asked, frowning.


Carla kept up with Serenity somehow, staring at the girl with obvious concern. She was glad Ryze's floating Ring had stayed behind with Mar, but her main concern was the young padawan she had followed.

With a little squawk, she nuzzled the side of her head against Serenity's leg.

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