Captured and The Sewers

Ryze couldn't stop the yell of pain that escaped him as the lightning struck him. It was as if liquid fire had shot through his every pore and he soon found himself lying on the floor, immobilized. The only things capable of movement for the next three days were his eyes that narrowed up at the Ninth Sister with absolute rage.

He wanted to stomp that face in, but all he could do was let out a choked whimper.


Ghost watched as Thrass basically jumped down into the hole and grimaced at the smell from within. His comment about "don't go in the water" was unnerving as well, but there was no time with all the chaos going on. Turning, she climbed down the ladder a ways and slid the rest to land on the concrete below.

Looking up to Mira, she called out, "Come on!"

Once everyone was below, Thrass was quick to lead them along the many turns until they reached a door of many in the sewers. Pulling a key from one of the many pockets in his jacket, he unlocked it and shoved the door open. "Go on in," He said calmly and glanced back beyond the pair of women. "I'm going to look for Mar. It's easy to get lost down here."

"But..." Ghost began, only to stop herself short. She glanced to Mira, realizing she felt much safer with this Twi'lek than she did anyone else at the moment. "Okay."

When she stepped inside, the wolf eared female was shocked to find a cozy looking little home fully equipped with multiple rooms and some comfortable looking furniture. Thrass had not been lying when he said he was stuck here for too long, apparently.

"I'll be back." Thrass said with a serious look on his face. "Don't answer the door unless it's me." He handed the key over to Mira and headed out to find Mar.


Ring was making distressed clicks and whirring noises as it followed Mar, a sign something was terribly wrong with Ryze. It was not until VT-L2 ran up to them that the ring zoomed around in a panic, happily swooping down into the sewers to escape the little droid.

"Mar! Mar! Bad! Bad things! So many bad things!" The little droid was screaming, in a complete frenzy at this point.


Carla narrowed her eyes, standing to defend Serenity if need be as she gazed up at the assailants.

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