Kids and Speeder Bikes

"Didn't this band die like 20 years ago?" She flopped herself into one of the seats like she owned the place. Annie was still putting things back together. "Sorry, your crew members died," she said as if this was common knowledge everyone knew.

Rowan reaches over to the panel and pushes some buttons music starts to play over the ship speakers. “Good job, that has not worked in years.” He turns his head to face Quint “you should not prey into my past. Its unhealthy.” He turns his head back to the cockpit window “you don’t know me you don’t want to know me ether. You look at the good things, the good light of this galaxy. I am not that. I would even kill you for the right price. We still have some time before we arrive at Jakku.” He says as he gets up. he stops at the back of the cockpit. “you can have the run of the place fix what you can. The crew is how I got this ship I am the last one standing.” Then walked out of the cockpit.

Rowan walked across the commons area through a hatch into a small corridor walking through another hatch then turned left into the cargo bay he walked up to the speeder bike that was strapped down. He started to look it over unstrapping it he knew he would have to use it on Jakku. The bigger question was how to deal with the Jedi he has with him. How does she factor into this mission? “So, she can ID him” he mumbles to himself. he flips a switch on the Speeder bike. It hovers off the deck. After about a minuet Rowan turns it off. he starts to play with the wiring harness of the controls sparks start to fly “Dam! This bike. I should use you as target for my blasters” Rowan yells.

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