When Things Are Not What They Seem

Thrass worked his way through the many tunnels and passages of the sewers, easily avoiding the water until he finally spotted Mar and rushed over to him. Stopping, breathing heavily as he glanced to the water, the chiss stared at the man in confusion. "Why are you standing here?" He inquired with distaste in his tone. "Come on!"

Grabbing onto Mar's arm, he pulled the man along and prayed nothing in the water would attack them.


Jin'Lor was taken by surprise with Liden's kiss and could only watch as she left, a pink tint on his face. "I...I see..." He murmured before going to retrieve Ripper from the Ninth Sister. What he intended to do was still nagging at him, eating at the very core of his system.

When he finally got Ripper/Ryze strapped down to a table, he discarded the shirt the tan male wore. "Sorry, Ri...Ryze..." Jin'Lor said with a sigh as he prepared tools and grabbed a new system core he had been working on. "This is going to hurt you more than me."

An image appeared next to him, someone only he could see in his mentally ill state. "You promised, Jin. You promised me!" The feminine voice almost screamed. "You promised to redeem yourself!"

"I know, Neo!" He snarled lowly, shaking his head.

Grabbing the scalpel, he pressed the blade to Ryze's chest.


Carla, very unhappy, sat in the cage and stared at Liden with both disgust and respect in her eyes.

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