That unwelcomed feeling

Quint moved up into the copilot seat and started looking at the controls. Annie spoke as she was checking things out, "Touch those controls and I will get a blaster and shoot you."

She handed over a pair of gloves for Quint to put on. "These will help you to keep from being nosy," she said and continued, "Most people do not like others sharing their memories."

Quint was going to protest that she did not always have control over the flashbacks. The force sometimes had a mind of its own. One of the R6s came bursting into the flight deck beeping.

Quint put. Hand on its head to calm it and asked, “What is wrong?” It beeped and rolled.

Annie responded, “He says we need to go to the hanger before there is blaster fire.”

As she got out of the seat, she heard the swearing coming from the hull. She looked at Annie and asked, "Think we should go help him?"

Quint entered the work space and leaned against the wall. "Swearing at it won't help, you know," she said. It was an offer to help. The R6 came up next to her and beeped. Annie started to translate and Quint held up a hand.

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