Conflicted Emotions

Ryze ignored Serenity's response, very aware of how much she still disliked him despite how he has never harmed her. Gesturing to his flying friend, Ring, he nodded. "Where are they?" He asked with a glance out into the hallway. "We should probably get going if we can. Find them...get out...I don't want to stay here longer than I have to."

Carla made a snorting noise at Mar, still displeased with the man even as she cuddled up against Serenity.

"Don't need to be rude about it." Thrass grunted. "I don't know what all has happened before we met. Ghost isn't exactly talkative about it." He shrugged, hand still close to a blaster in case this strangely immortal man decided to attack them.

Jin'Lor grimaced as his wound began to heal, steam rising from it. Conflict was swimming through his mind as he looked at each member of this group. A part of him knew going with them would land him into some deep trouble, but Neo's constant begging and screaming was driving him crazy.

If he redeemed himself would she finally be sated. "I...I don't know..." He finally muttered, pressing a hand to his head in pain as memories stabbed at him.

Ghost flinched at first, but calmed the instant she realized it was Master Keran and nodded slowly to his words. "W-what's wrong with him, though?" She inquired, slowly getting to her feet.

Would they really be taking Jin'Lor with them?

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