Cut Off Their Heads

Ryze tried to grab Serenity before she could rush at Liden, but his fingers only grazed her elbow. "Serenity, don't be a fool!" He yelled, panic entering his mind at the mere thought of Liden doing harm to the young padawan.

With a glance to the only weapon in his possession, he grabbed onto Ring and threw the droid toward Liden. It spun faster than Serenity could run, moving around her at an arch in its attack toward the inquisitor's neck.

"Only way to kill something Jin'Lor makes is to cut off its head..." Ryze whispered, silently praying that Ring could get the job done.

Carla simply stayed by Mar's feet, ready to spit acid if need be.


"Cut off their heads, Jedi!" Jin'Lor seethed as he pulled Ghost behind himself, taking the hits for her. Using the Force, he sent all of his knives at the undying legion and started cutting toward their necks, determined to keep them away.

A part of him knew he should not be helping them, but Neo kept begging. She kept telling him to redeem himself and having the fox remind him of Rue only made it harder to resist. He knew there would be punishment for this later, but he wanted to help for once.

"You should get out of here while you can." He told Keran and the others.

Ghost made her way to Mira and Thrass, clinging to both of them. "What about...?"

"You seriously think it's a good idea to bring that guy along?" Thrass asked as he took quick shots at their assailants with a blaster pistol.

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