Keep Fighting, Keep Moving

The moment Ring was hit, it went tumbling to the floor with a loud metallic groan. Ryze gasped at the sight, but the moment Liden began to shoot lightning at Mar he turned his attention to them.

Rushing over, he snatched up Ring and helped Serenity by attacking Liden's back with the circular droid. He knew the blade wouldn't be enough to kill her unless he got her head off, but if they could help Mar, that would be good enough for the moment.

Carla hissed as she rushed over and started to spit acid at the Sith woman, doing her best to avoid hitting the others.

Thrass grunted, watching Keran and Jin'Lor cut off the heads of more troopers. He helped Mira keep shooting, making the perfect distractions, but a frown was on his face. "We should start moving, then." He said and grabbed Ghost's hand so she would not fall behind the moment they started to move. "What about your Jedi friend, the fox?"

Jin'Lor kicked away a body as he detached the head with a knife, the other five knives stabbing and cutting more troopers. Using the Force so much was starting to tire him out, but he wanted to help this small group escape.

"We should go," He told Keran. "Things are only going to get worse here."

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