Liden was quick to force push both Serenity and Ryze with a brief gesture and ignored the splash of acid as she resumed her attack on Mar.

"I WAS TRYING TO SAVE YOU ALL!" Liden roared as she slammed her saber into Mar's. Mar struggled against her strength, his only focus now was getting Serenity out of here, safe and sound.

"Then yield!" Mar responded. "End this now, put down your saber!"

Liden paused, her eyes falling on Mar. "I cant..."

Mar reached out with his robotic hand. "You can. Turn away from this. I did, you can too."

Liden closed her eyes and shook her head. "It's too late for me..."

Mar shook his head. "It's never too late..."

Liden looked to Mar and sighed as she tossed her saber aside. "Go... leave me to burn..."


Keran nodded to Jin'Lor. "Agreed. Let's follow Mira and Ghost."

Mira was already making her way back to the entrance they had cut into the star destroyer. "Come on! We've got to go!"

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