Hissing Chicken Because I Can't Think Of A Better Title

Ryze merely followed Mar and Serenity before letting out a sigh and just picking up Liden to make the job easier for the padawan. "Do me a favor and don't struggle, woman." He muttered as he followed the others to the ship.

Carla, however, hissed at Mar and smacked him with her wings, but did not otherwise protest to being carried by the man.


As Ghost sat and watched, she frowned when VT-L2 got loose and started running around in circles, screaming happily. "I don't think the word calm exists for him..." She sighed.

Thrass grunted. "Where are the others already?"

Jin'Lor nodded slowly. "Thank you," He muttered and took a seat on the floor. The knife wielding man preferred to stay away from the others, knowing Ghost was still very raw with emotions. "What will we do once this is over?" He asked, looking to Keran.

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