Surly Chicken and Ornery Droids

Liden looked to everyone as Ryze picked her up. "Why? I have taken you prisoner... chased you down like vermin... taken your arm... yet you show kindness to me... why?"

Mar grimaced at the smack, but otherwise continued to carry the surly chicken as he looked to Serenity. "You sure about this, Serenity?"


Keran shrugged. "The Force has yet to reveal our next misadventure. Knowing..." He frowned as VT continued to cause havoc. "...Those we keep company with... We are in for some interesting days..."

Mira continued to bite her lip nervously as the ship continued to rock. "Come on, Mar... Oh I hope Serenity is with him..."

KC-8 was already growing irate from VT's shenanigans and decided to shock the ornery droid with her stun probe.

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