Not The Way

Kantos watched the jedi girl bolt off into the forest but didn't give chase. He had no quarrel with the girl. He already had his bounty. "Well... that was unexpected..."

Then he heard Ort let out a loud series of chirps as he had discovered a jawa and proceeded to sit on her head, deftly hopping whenever the girl tried to reach for him, then landed softly back onto her head and kept chirping.

Kantos kept his hand on his blaster and looked to the jawa. To see one so far from their usual territories was odd. He tilted his head and regarded her with curiosity. "What're you doing out here by yourself?"

Kantos understood the Jawa language, so if this one couldn't speak Basic it wouldn't be too difficult to communicate with her.


Liden was searching wildly for Serenity, silently cursing herself for letting the child out of her sight for a moment. After everything that had happened. She was merely hoping to find the child alive and well. "Serenity???"

Keran was on her shoulder. "Young one? Why must you flee every time trouble arises?"

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