Lonely Travelers

Jewel let out a small squeak when Kantos discovered her, gazing up at him from behind the safety of her mask. Carla was letting out hisses, flapping two of her wings in agitation at the ornery little creature. "Calm," She said in a soft voice to the four winged fowl, gently petting her feathered head with a gloved hand.

Trying to ignore the little creature atop her head, she offered a smile before remembering this man could not see it. "Uh...I..." She felt nervous seeing his hand on the blaster. Was he going to shoot her despite the fact she had no weapon drawn? She intended no harm at all, really.

All the little Jawa wanted was to travel and see new places. And most of all, she wanted to avoid her home world.

"I have been alone a long time." She finally stated in choked Basic and adjusted her sleeves to keep her metal limbs hidden. "You are...Mandalorian, yes?"

VT-L2 suddenly poked his head out of the pocket of Jewel's robes, gazed right at Kantos with his optic, and proceeded to squeal happily. "Hi, friend! Jewel is on a journey to find meaning and purpose and maybe someone to marry her!"

Jewel gasped and shoved the droid's head back into the pocket. Happy that this Mandalorian could not see the blush on her face, she proceeded to apologize. "Sorry...he...uh...he very acentric."


Jin'Lor could feel them, could feel all the foolish troopers and the child that was running from them. He could feel the woman searching for her and the Mandalorian speaking to a Jawa.

Stepping through the forest, he kept silent, watching each step as his torn lab coat brushed against leaves. One hand twirled a knife, the other brushing along bark in an attempt to feel grounded somehow.

When constantly on the move, he rarely got a chance to just enjoy nature and its blessings on planets. Having avoided capture again, he just wanted to explore, but had found himself in another frustrating situation.

That's when he turned around a tree and smacked right into Serenity.

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