A smile

Rowan said with some direct authority, “Neither of you will fly or drive anything here.” He looked at Quint and asks, “were did you learn these skills?” Rowan reached up a pushed a button “I have known some real good mechanics in my time but not one so young” said the Mandalorian.

Qunit smiled a little she almost made a comment but Anne put a hand on her to let her know to keep her mouth shut. Telling Rowan that the machines kind of talked to her would do no good. There were two reasons for that. The first is people think you are crazy when you talk like that and the second was much more serious - using the force with technology rather than on it or against it was an unlocked door to the darkside, if you got emotional about it. She was still working at tamping down her emotional responses, but even as a Jedi it was okay to laugh and get angry. The trick was knowing how to deal with that emotion.

Quint did as she was told. She put things back the way they should be and then went and ate and drank. She even did some of the meditation that was intended to help her keep her focus. She drank more fluids because she took Rowan serious. She could control her core temperature some, but it was best to be prepared for what was to come.

She came to the bridge when he called her.

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