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A New Beginning Pt. 2

Jewel was gathering berries and checking the traps when she heard the noises. Her head rose up, ears twitching beneath her hood. Staying in the crouched position she was in, the little Jawa slowly made her way to a tree and peered around it.

Blue eyes went wide beneath the mask she wore as she took in the troopers marching by. They did not take notice to her just yet as she pulled back to hide behind the tree. A part of her wanted to bolt away as fast as possible to her friend, to Rue. That meant risking making noise and drawing attention to herself, though.

No, she needed to be quiet.

Instead, she took this opportunity to peer around the tree again, only to freeze at the sight before her. One of the troopers had stopped and was peering down at the little cloaked woman. "Uh..." She gasped softly. "U...tini?"

A blaster lifted and aimed right at her.

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