Unexpected Aid

Kantos had been hunting the young jedi for some time. The bounty for jedi was particularly enticing to even the most jaded of bounty hunters. And as Kantos brought the crosshairs on the young girl as she aided a random jawa he paused.

Kantos had been following this jedi for some time. He'd seen how scared she'd been, lost. And yet here she was, defending the helpless jawa at her own risk.

It was a bravery that Kantos couldn't help but admire.

A stormtrooper came out of the brush behind the jedi girl and readied his weapon. Crosshairs came over the trooper and a blaster bolt sent him falling back into the brush.

"What the hell am I doing?" Kantos asked himself as he took aim on another trooper. Kantos figured he wasn't getting those sweet bounty credits. He took out the trooper and continued to cover the two girls from his sniping spot.

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