Kantos looked to Rue and nodded. "I am in desperate need of an mechanic actually. Come on." He began to lead the women to his ship.

Rue merely sighed and began to pull the girls along, noticing the little creature with Kantos. "What are ya doing here, Mandalorian?" She inquired in a calm tone before gesturing back. "Think that inquisitar is after tha youngun?"

Kantos paused, unsure on if he should be honest with them. Then decided it was best to trust them with the truth now unless they learn later. "I was here to gather the bounty on this jedi, but I've changed my mind. And yes, the Inquisitor is after her as well..."

Then the blaster bolts began to lessen. And in the distant forest the sound of a lightsaber swinging through the air before cutting down screaming stormtroopers could be heard.

"Something else is out there..." Kantos murmured. "Best we keep moving."


The stormtroopers were now fleeing. At first they thought it had been the young jedi cutting them down but whoever was after them now was far more fierce than she had been.

"We need to get back to the dropship! Hurry!" One trooper cried out before screaming as a green light silenced him before disappearing into the shadows of the trees.

"TK-873!" Another trooper shouted. Then another green slash and another trooper down.

The green light seemed determined to end every last trooper, and pursued them with a fury that could be felt through the very Force itself.

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