Turning Back

As they kept moving, Rue froze for a moment. She could feel it in the force, feel the fury and rage as it swept through the air. Her sensitivity to the force was strong, despite how much she tried to keep this hidden. "Jewel, keep movin'." She said, pushing the smaller female along ahead of her. Doing the same to Serenity, she pulled out her blaster again and glanced back.

"Screaming..." Jewel whispered. "Too many..."

"Just ignore it, hun." Rue insisted and looked to Kantos. "How much further? I wanna go back and see what the fuss is about. Ya keep tha girls safe, aight?"

Without waiting for an answer, the tan skinned woman was heading back. The feeling in the air was extremely unsettling and almost tempted her to grab for the hidden lightsaber on her person, but she resisted. Whoever it was cutting the troopers down was doing a very good job, but why so much rage? Why so much fury?

She needed to know why and she wanted to keep Jewel safe.

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