Rue, being a responsible adult and not willing to stand childish behavior, used the Force in a quick motion to grab onto Serenity. With a mental jerk, she pulled the teen away and sent her sprawling next to Jewel. "Stay out of trouble!" She ordered, finally pulling her own lightsaber free.

Turning it on as she holstered her blaster, the pink lightsaber lit up with a loud hum. Turning, she went into combat with the inquistir by keeping a defensive stance. Blocking each blow, she glanced to Kantos. "I have a plan! Get them all to the ship and I'll catch up!"

Carla, a pixie haired brunette in nothing but what appeared to be a bikini beneath her cloak, let out a clucking noise. "Dangerous, Mar..." She muttered, giving the man a simple glare.

Rolling his blue eyes, Jin'Lor pulled out his last two knives. "C'mon sis, I'm gonna help." He chimed and took his place next to her.

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