Tray tables up...

Rowan sits back looks over to Quint “been here be for?” he asks.

“Once,” said Quint. Then she added, “I was told to stay in the shuttle to keep it from being stolen.” She added, “I was eight at the time. my my Master took some things into a ‘friend of his.’” She smiled and said, “It was a little shop and he said I would know which one when I was meant too.”

She took a breath as the ship started to enter into the atmosphere. At one point the ship “slid” and Quint grabbed the arm rests. She wanted to say that the ship wasn’t suppose to move light that. It was a bit of a fish tale move. But Rowan handled it fine. She wondered if he had modified the ship to make it move that way or if it was a repair that needed to be made. It handled well and was faster than she expected.

“we are going to Cratertown, most murk`s go there and the Empire reminisce is not there. has a bar and market that RED can get thing we my need. I also have a person I can talk to for info.” Rowan said. Quint nodded to this and said, “Your kind of people.”

Within minutes the town can in to view. Landing the ship outside of town with other ships in the area the sand blew around the ship as it landed just by looking you could tale that it was hot and dusty.

He looked out of the cockpit widow and waited for some time watching. “We can leave now.” he said they walked through the commons area into the corridor. He punched numbers into a panel the ramp lowered. The blast of hot dry air hit them as a gust wind blew into the ship “I hate this place” says Rowan as he walks down the ramp. They walk into the town “watch yourself here people are dangerous” he says as a kid runs past them. “they will steal everything you have including you. so be ready for anything.” Rowan says firmly.

Quint touched his arm and asked tthings, “Want me on your right side or your left? I can fight either side. Since I have already been kidnapped today, what is the we are in trouble sign? A good scream or things exploding?”

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