Don’t shoot..

“There master by the Mandalorian” crystal said.
Rowan heard the girl say Mandalorian.
“Damn, they found us?” he mumbled.

The girl young like Quint is small for her age. She has long brown hair tied up in ponytail with black ribbons in her hair. She has green eyes and pail shin. She is wearing Jedi robes. She approached the girl carefully.
“Excuse me but are you a Jedi?” she asked. She was followed by a man he was an Iktotchi near human with thick, leathery reddish skin with no hair and two big horns that bends down over his shoulders. His hands and fingers are larger normal for an Iktotchi, His stern expression on his face, which makes him look a bit threating. He was wearing Jedi robe as well.

“Jedi? Cant be,” he mumbled.

Quint looked at the pair, then tried to hide the box with the writing on it. "I am. Why do you ask?" she said calmly as she let her other hand go down to her side. She didn't want to draw the light saber out, they weren't acting aggressive in her opinion. But she did not know if they were after the box. She lifted an empty hand to Rowan, "I don't think they mean us any harm."

Rowan had drawing his DE-10 heavy blaster pistol at a blinding speed.

The Mandalorian reflexes were almost as fast as a Jedi Anto could tell this Mandalorian was extremely dangerous. His movements told him he was aware of everything around him. But his movements were not normal for the likes of Storm Troopers or other mercenary’s.

Something was off but could not put his finger on it. He could see his finger was not on the trigger yet. His movement was defensive not attack. The crowds started to move away from the Mandalorian.

“We should probably not talk out in the street,” Quint suggested. Eyeing the crowd and Rowan’s body language.

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