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Under the oppressive heat of Jakku's sun, a grey and blue Flarestar swooped in from orbit, the large disk of its hull covering the ground below in shadow. a hundred feet or so above the ground it span 180 degrees on its axis and came to an alarmingly fast stop, performing a textbook soft landing just on the outskirts of Crater Town.

After powering down its engines and extending its main ramp, the ships ship disgorged the strange sight of 8 B1 battle droids. Looking chunkier than their Trade Federation counterparts, and sporting ammunition bandoleers, E-11 blasters and a pair of heavier repeaters, they drew more than their fair share of attention. Paying no attention to the many eyes now on them, the small party immediately made their way to Ergel's bar, their movements eerily coordinated, far more so that regular droids, timed to absolute perfection.

Eventually arriving at the bar, the droids marched in in perfect single file, taking position around the bar, scanning every face through their optical receptors as they passed tables and patrons. Once they had found their positions, the droids declared in unison, in their typical monotone drone. "We are here by orders of the Black Sun, hand over the Human known as Zafour for termination, failure to comply will result in your own termination!"

After the party of droids delivered their ultimatum, for a split second the entire bar was filled with a deafening silence thick enough to cut with a vibroblade, then a small huddle of 5 organics at a corner table stood and quickly drew their blasters, though not quickly enough. With lightning reflexes, the droids turned to the small group and sent a wall of blaster bolts at them, riddling them, the table, the wall behind them and an unfortunate bystander with blast marks.

As the smoke cleared and the shouting died down, the group turned their blasters back on the bar, ordering. "Any further attempts at hostility will result in the complete termination of this establishment, please comply!" With the threat of impending violence seemingly over, the rest of the bar seemed to settle, not showing any immediate signs of continuing the fight, one of the droids marched over to the pile of smoldering bodies and scanned them one by one one.

After 3 red lights from the device, the fourth body finally shined green, confirming the kill and the bounty. Satisfied with a job well done, and without another word, the octet marched back out of the bar and began their journey back to their ship.

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