Jedi and a Mandalorian

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As Rowan pulled his blaster Serenity paused her eyes going wide. She pulled her lightsaber from her belt and stood in a low defensive stance.” I'm not interested in fighting with you Mandalorian. I just want to talk” she said quietly. It was very clear from her stance and the fact that she had not activated her lightsaber that she did not want to fight with them.

Anto stood still, the shock of seeing a mandalorian evaporated the same time the warrior pulled his weapon. He, like his new apprentice reached for his lightsaber, but hesitated. Something was off with the way that man moved. While Serenity tried to calm him down, Anto spotted it. The mandalorian was aiming for center of mass, slightly off to the left. The most difficult place to defend. But on this range he could’ve easily aimed for headshots. He was on the defensive. He thanked all the time spent with the clone troopers for the insight, without it he might’ve escalated the situation. He let his hand move away from his lightsaber, slowly but clearly, and put his left hand in his right in front of him, trying to seem non-threatening.

Quint’s words finely registering serenity addressed the other Jedi. “ I am Padawan Serenity. This is Master Tyandas. We came here to get supplies when we felt something in the force. I-I think it was you we picked up” she said clearly unsure of her abilities. “ You May be right, talking out here is probably a bad idea” She added.

The Mandalorian lowers his pistol and points it down towards the ground he tilts the pistol sideways placing it against his body placing his left hand over his pistol hand. He stays in position ready. He gave a nod to Serenity, Tyandas and said nothing. His helmet turned to the sides. Looking around.

The crowd that back away started to move on some still watching others giving a wide berth to the group.

Quint looked at the group and the crowd. She asked Rowan, “Where is this place we need to go?” She was alreadying running the Three Jedi and a Mandalorian walked into a bar jokes and scenarios in her head. She was anticipating the three Jedi would be shuffled off while Rowan took care of his business. She was kind of in the mood for a good bar fight and something like a beer, if Rowan would let her have one. She started walking with the others down the street. She kept her off her lightsaber.

Rowan was silent for a moment then said. “Off the streets we can go back to the ship or Eagles Cantenna. we have time to sort this out before I meet with my contact.” he holsters his blaster.

Quint nodded and said, “Ship would be safer.” She wanted to get her package back to the ship and open it. She didn’t think it was going to be anything world shaking, but the reaction they had at the shop made her want to examine it someplace safe.

Seeing her hold the box tautly. Rowan looked around. “You can deal with your box later we need to get the cantina soon they probably know we are here'' said Rowan.”

Sensing some tension in the situation, Anto finally said something.
“If you two have pressing matters we could arrange for a place to meet up later, so you could finish your business.” He said, before he turned toward the newfound Jedi.
“We” he said with some emphasis “have things to talk about”.
Despite appearing calm and in control the Jedi master was elated. He’d been alone for so long, imagining that he was the only Jedi left in the galaxy (though he didn’t dare venture into the core systems). Now he’d practically stumbled on a new apprentice and a colleague in a matter of days. That could not be random chance.

Rowan grunts and lets out a sigh. “Three Jedi, why has fate done this?” he walks to Quint. “It is the way” he says. “You to should come with us. Don’t want the town to try to get the bounty on you Jedi yet. If you are with me, they might think twice before trying. Jedi bring a good bounty here at the Hutt’s and empire. Let’s get out of the street before we are all killed. We should make are way to the Eagle’s I would like some shade.” He said walking past Quint and walking towards the others.

Serenity unerved by the Mandolorin ducked behing her master. She put her lightsaber away but keeps her hand on it. “B-bounty hunters” she asked. It was clear to Anto that she was thinking about the inquisitors. “You don't think he meant inquisitors do you?” she asked quietly.

“No, bounty hunters, Serenity” Replies Rowan. Staying near her he says “Inquisitors would not live long here they would be killed just as fast. This town is full of mercenaries and bounty hunters. They are who rules, with the Hutt’s permission.” He pauses looking at the other Jedi. “If you want to live longer you need to understand how this place works and the people in it.” He said sternly. “You are not the first Jedi I have seen in my life. But the first time I have seen three in one place.” he says normally.

“I-i’m only a padawan” she muttered quietly.

“I’m afraid that doesn’t matter for those kinds of people. This is a life you’re going to have to get used to. Half the galaxy will be hunting for your head and your lightsaber to hang on their wall like a trophy. The other half mostly thinks we’re legend, a fairy tale told to children to make the world a more magical place.” Anto pulled his robes a bit tighter so they concealed his own weapon. He made a mental note to talk to Serenity about giving Ria master Paren’s lightsaber, as it would make her a target for the hunters as well.
“Only very few remember who we were before, I have a feeling…”
He never finished that sentence, but made a discreet nod toward the mandalorian for Serenity’s sake.

“ Master I should have been more clear. I was addressing Rowan’s statement he said there were three jedi but there are only two jedi i'm not a jedi yet. I'm already use to being hunted the inquisitor killed my first master and then I was hunted by the stormtroopers.” she said
Anto just nodded in response, dropping the argument, but still feeling like Serenity didn’t quite grasp the scope of what he’d told her.

Quint was now more eager to get off the streets than before. She did have a bounty on her head for the death of her Master. “Let us go then,” she said to the big man with the tone of sarcasm that could come out of a young female mouth. This information was stressful.

Rowan shook his head. “You carry a light sword or is it a saber I believe. Padawan, Jedi, Master it doesn't matter the rank. People see you as a Jedi, was its Serenity your name?” looking at her. Mandalorian’s also have rank, but yet everyone calls us Mandalorian’s out of fear or respect my Rank is Ver'alor equivalent to a Captain. But here rank means little it’s your reputation that matters. Your Master knows these things and can explain it better than I.” Rowan tells Serenity. The girl simply nodded in agreement.

Quint agreed in part with Rowan, but she did not believe what other people thought defined who you are. Perception was a bias of reality, be it positive or negative. Either side of the coin could cause problems. You are more than what you had done and each moment was a choice. A negative view, fear, anger, hate were all a distortion when you act out of it. She didn’t really think this was the place to debate ethical systems. This was the way of the force. That was most people’s problem, until it got you shot or thrown in a cell then it was your problem too. Her harassment of Rowan, was not out of feeling better than or against. It was how he communicated. It was safer for most people. So she would give him crap.

As Rowan thought before, to the average person who lives on Jakku, the Empire is a very long way away at one time. Unless one happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, the Empire's military forces are seldom encountered, and people don't see much of the militia or the police here. People, especially in the isolated farming communities, are expected to Take care of themselves, because virtually everyone has some kind of weapon and homesteads are so scattered, there is a great amount of respects between neighbors-few people will ever rely on the Hutt courts when simple negotiation can solve most disputes, There are moderate sales, income and property taxes that everyone complains about, but no one seems inclined to actually protest. Townships are self-governing, doing what they will with their own tax revenues - often little more than buying a few spare power generators or repairing something was destroyed. The massive sandstorms do cause problems now and then.

Walking the streets, the sandstone buildings spaced out with alleyways every so often. The streets have merchants lining the area selling anything you might want to live in this place. Their tap covered carts and vehicles with people group around them. No one seems to pay attention to the group. It seems at times the Mandalorian draws more attention than anyone. His armor stands out to the people there.

Ergel's Bar was a cantina in Cratertown, a settlement on the Western Reaches desert world of Jakku. The bar was welded together out of scrap, shaped into a rough half circle, all of it underneath the cap-top of a 323 Rakhmann concussion-miner. Knockback Nectar, a favorite drink of humans and Uthuthma on Jakku, was sold in Ergel's Bar, Corwin Ballast was working as a bartender in the bar when others came to Jakku seeking information about Gallius Rax. Ergel himself sometimes worked as a bartender there. bought the building with gambling profits made while swindling visitors in the city. Its central location has been a haven to smugglers. Bounty hunters and others with business deals that are conducted quickly. Now, the cantina is the place to meet freighter pilots who handle special cargo - anything contraband or illegal, from weapons and spice.

Walking up to the building it was a big place but not too fancy and rundown looking you can see people still running away as an 8 strong squad of B1's that look normal enough, though with slightly thicker armor and small bits of customization and upgrades Come walking out. some smoke can be seen coming from the windows yelling from inside still could be heard. Music starts back up. As the droid walks pass Rowan steps between the group and them. As a man runs out of the Cantina and runs out with a blaster pistol in his hands, he points the blaster you can’t tell if it is at Rowan or the Droids. The Droids turn in unison the droids raise their blasters. As the blasters fire not sure who fired first the Droids or Rowan. But the man flew back with a smoking chest. He hit the building hard and slid down the wall

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