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Have I gotta deal for you Gruff..

Vin watched Gruff and smiled as he got angry that his contact had not arrived. It was painful to watch the man suffering in the heat and with cargo that would be harder to move without people noticing and asking questions.
"What do you think?" Vin asked his Wookee body guard. He was sitting in a bar across from the dock. He had won a Sabacc game with a little luck from a marked deck of cards, a little use of the forces, and a female Wookee willing to rip arms and legs off. The Wookee made a light growling sound.
"Yes,Those weapons would help you," he said. "His price plus 10,000," he said. The wookee snorted.
Vin said, "Yes, you can deduct the card winnings." He stood up and finished his drink.
"Let's go see what we can do," he started out of the bar. Being a noble was not helpful in dumps like this. But being a Noble with a Wookee was. The patron who would had left him broke and probably dead moved.

Vin walked like a man that ruled the world, his cape flapped a little in the wind and his slug thrower sat on his him. A knife was sheathed on his right side, giving the impression he did not know how to fight. It was a good spot for an ambidexterity surgeon.

As they approached Gruff, Vin called out to him, "You look like your a man with a problem. Maybe I can help?" He smiled a disarming smile and said, "Being a doctor I know lots of people? You are looking for someone."
As he approached closer, "I bet you got one of those encoded messages to bring a shipment here, probably had to put up your own credits and now your stuck."

"Vin," he said putting out his hand to shake. The Wookee stayed back looking intense. He whispered, "If you have weapons, she would take the shipment and give you a 5k profit." Vin smiled again, big white teeth and a twinkle in his eyes. Waiting for the man's response.

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