Pleasure and pain

Vin shrugged as the man was not interested in trading. As he walked back explaining to the Wookie that more time would be needed. He watched a fancy imperial transport land. It was sleek for a ship of its type, intended not to draw attention like the storm troopers in black armor that filed off for an officer a squad of regular storm troopers debarked and started to impose “order” on those around the spaceport. Business was done for the day.

He opened up his senses to the force. He reached out to a junior officer on the ramp. “Your too important for guard duty. You have been working hard and deserve a drink and maybe some feminine entertainment. Your could be there and back before the Captain returns and you have more than enough personnel to protect the ship and the space port,” he pushed the thoughts into the man’s mind. The amygdala, hippocampus and limbic lobes were great places to stimulate. He moved closer and did it again. The forth time was the charm, heck the man would have paid to enjoy the company of his wookie friend. She would have ripped his arms off, Wookiee’s are a passionate that way.

He slipped into the bar and with a little push secured a room with a couple serving girls with instructions to send the young officer in. He could feel the officer coming and he continued stimulating the man’s brains. He walked over to the private bar poured the man a drink. “Tell me, what’s a fine man like you doing ina place like this? Come for a little ships leave?” He poured a sleeping powder into the drink and added the alcohol. Nasty strong stuff. He poured himself some as well. He walked over and set the drink down taking a sip of his. “Just a couple questions,” Vin said motioning for the girls to get closer to the officer. He felt the man resisting and pushed more force to stimulate the man’s desire.

Vin felt no regret at the fact that the man would never feel pleasure like this again.

“What are you carrying that is so important?” He asked. Running his hand down the side of one of the girls. Suggestively. The man started to resist till one of the girls straddled the officer and the chair and started kissing on the poor guy.
“Some propulsion engineer,” the man said kissing the woman.
Vin pulled back the stimulating holding it present but painfully and frustratingly away and asked the question, “And?”

The man gasped, “I heard something to do with star destroyers.”

Vin released the hold and stimulated the women’s response. When the passion had taken hold. He took the young officer’s uniform and stuffed in a bag.

He would need to move quickly and he had used a lot of his force powers already. He needed to capture the engineer.

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