The Jedi are back in town

After about an hour Rowan let out a sigh. He touched his communicator on his arm. “Red1” he said into it. after a moment the droids voice could be heard. “Yes, master Rowan” answered the droid. Rowan look at the others. “check for ships in the area” Rowan ordered. After a moment RED-1 replied “No ships in the area Master Rowan” said the droid. “Thanks RED” said Rowan.
He turns to the others “there not coming we lost that lead I should have known that was going to happen” says Rowan.

He slams his fist in the ship landing strut. “We are leaving” says the disgruntled Mandalorian. Turing, he walks back up the ramp when he gets up at the top he yells out “red! Prep for take off we are heading back. waiting for everyone to get inside he raises the Ramp and taping keys on a pad he locks the ramp in place. “we are heading back to Crater Town” he says walking by everyone to the cockpit.

Interring the cockpit, he sits in the pilot’s chair. He starts to flip switches and punches some buttons. The engines jump to life the sound of RED’s voice comes over the intercoms “ready, engines working with in parameters Master Rowan.” The ship could be felt lifting into the air. As sand is blowing everywhere. As the clears the dirt hills around them the ship tilted up and shot into the sky. He touches the communications panel activating the intercom. ETA 5 mikes not use what we will run in to so be ready for anything, man the turrets.

As they fly in thing look normal outside except the cantina. Hass a few well-armed people around it and some seem to be repairing the damage to it. “we are here! he yells back.” as he turns the ship and puts it down. Leaving the cockpit, he walks to the commons area. and looks at everyone. “We are back and now to find answers. Master Jedi, Tyandas you and your Padawan are welcome to stay as long as you want or need to.” Rowan says sharply. He pauses after taking a step away. “I am hunting a war criminal Colonel Icerraine who murdered Quint’s master and my commander. You are welcome to join I and Quint on this mission if you wish. But there is no real pay in it for you.” offers Rowan.

Walking over by the ramp he turns to everyone “Those who are coming with me need to get geared up. RED! You have the ship” he lowers the ramp to the ship and waits for the others at the bottom of the ramp look over the area.

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