Serenity scrambled back away from the mandalorian. she had not meant to up set him. she looked for her master for confert. she remembered he was not there. Her eyes went wide when she realized he was not going to come back. " Master" she called and started heading off in the direction she had last felt his presents.

Headed away from the Rowan and Quint. "Master come back please" she said quietly. she did not understand why he was suddenly leaving her. she looked back over her shoulder at Rowan and Quint. Then back across the desert. she could not feal his presents any more.

She took sevral steps in that direction but stoped he had a choice to make folow her masters orders pr go after him. she wanted so badly to go after him. she could not feal his presents. She also did not know the desert. she could not just go ruining around hoping to find him so she stood there just unable to decide.

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