Something Dark Is Coming

Jakku. Yet another blighted brown and white sphere in the galaxy that was dwarfed only by Tatooine for its utterly desolate wastes. The site of the last great space battle between what would soon become The New Republic and the remnants of The Empire, a graveyard for an innumerable number of ships which now rested in the sands which continued to slowly consume the wrecks.

Mar breathed a heavy sigh as he took in the sight of the planet after exiting hyperspace. The Force had called him to this world, as did the signs of a Sith. His experience tracking down Jedi now suited him to tracking down their foil, his former comrades. He checked to make sure the Void Swift's cloak was engaged and functioning. He didn't want a repeat of the mishap near Manaan, thinking he was cloaked while a bounty hunter happily took aim at his ship without him knowing.

Satisfied in the knowledge that he was, indeed, invisible, he set a course which would take him down to the planet's surface. He'd land some ways away from one of the more prominent settlements, which he'd tracked his target to, and make the journey on foot where he'd begin to search for his quarry.

As the ship descended through the clouds Mar felt something new. Something strangely familiar yet new all the same. There was something else here that was calling him, a presence. He frowned and closed his eyes, his fingers coiling around the silver pendant that hung loosely around his neck. The Force was flowing strongly here. This was going to be an interesting day, he had no doubt of this.

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