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Summary: A friendly young tavern wench, wanting to better herself

Greta Bakerson

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Gender: Female

Age: 24

Group: Humans


NO PROFESSION (to be determined at lvl 2)

Works in a tavern, wants to learn to be a fighter so she can one day join her brother at Black Edge Castle in the North.

Stats (allocate 1-8 pts, total for stats is 50+2D6)

CO 6
ST 7
AG 6
RE 7
SD 6
EM 5
PR 7
IN 6
AP 7

5 Skill sets (e.g. trade-bard, art-guitar, education-literature, combat-sword& dagger, magic-basics

Education - Literature
Combat - Heavy Crossbow
Trade - running a bar
Social - Seduction
Subterfuge - Acting

Items on hand

Heavy Crossbow


Greta is a friendly and bubbly young woman. She loves to chat (maybe a little too much) but that's just to hide how shy she is.

Life goals

To see her brother and serve with him at Black Edge Castle in the north.


None, she's clean as a whistle ;-)


Her family grew up in a small village, and owned a tavern. When her parents were killed by the Orcs, her brother went to serve at Black Edge Castle as revenge, leaving her to tend the tavern.

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Image of Greta Bakerson
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