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Summary: Delsaran is a tough guy, who has seen the worst of people, but still looks for their best.

Delsaran Autumnleaf

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: Humans


Former mercenary, currently accepting almost any job which will earn him enough coin to buy an ale and a bed at the local inn.

Stats (allocate 1-8 pts, total for stats is 50+2D6)

CO - 8
ST - 8
AG - 7
SD - 5
PR - 5
RE - 7
EM -4
IN - 6
AP -6

5 Skill sets (e.g. trade-bard, art-guitar, education-literature, combat-sword& dagger, magic-basics

Medical; first aid
Survival; woods/forests
Combat; unarmed
Combat; dual wield longsword and shortsword
Social; story-telling

Items on hand

Long sword, short sword, cloak and a dagger.
He also wears his "Silver Wolves" necklace (see background)


Delsaran is a mercenary turned vigilante, whose purpose it is to rid the world of evil.
Even though he is willing to fight and kill for this cause, he often looks for the best in people, and will show mercy if he believes someone will change for the better after their encounter.
His years as a mercenary have made him reserved in his friendship, for he knows how quickly friends can be lost when you live by the sword.

Life goals

Bring justice to the lands and better the lives of people in need.


Most normal people can be made to do good, as long as they are nudged in the right direction, and should therefore always earn a second chance when possible.
Only the real corrupted minds, who are often the reason behind other people's wrongdoings need to be punished without mercy.


Delsaran joined the Free Companies of Mercenaries at the age of 15, after another company burned down his hometown, after it had not been paid for a job they had been contracted for.
Delsaran quickly warmed to one of the captains of the Free Companies, an honourable man, who taught him how to fight with long and short steels. The unfortunate death of the Captain put another man in charge. This new captain was a cruel fellow who would plunder the innocent if that meant a few more coins for his company.
Delsaran shortly afterwards left the Companies, disgusted by this new approach. He and some close friends from amongst the ranks founded 'The Silver Wolves' a small mercenary company which roamed the lands looking for honourable jobs, rather than slaughter.
At one such a job, however, things went terribly from, and most of the Company was wiped out by a group of brigands. After that bloody clash, down on their luck, and without the prospect of a new contract, the 4 remaining members of "The Silver Wolves" decide to part ways, and look after themselves for a while. All leaving with a vague promise that someday they will meet again, to restore "The Silver Wolves" to its former glory.

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Image of Delsaran Autumnleaf
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