Show Your Cards

Barry looked around the chamber that they stood in, looking from individual to individual. From the humans that destiny had placed him with to the creatures of magic that brought them here.

He himself was a member of both groups, and neither. He had hoped to tag along with this bunch and build up his story telling skills to be ready for whatever legend awaits. He wanted immortality above all else. He didn't look like a leader and he certainly didn't act like one. Still, Barry's elven mother's words poked at his side - urging him to act.

Greta was obviously ready for anything that was different from what she'd lived through, and she didn't seem to mind the question that Barry had proposed. But Wolf and Delsaran were nearly silent apart from the audible looks of disdain on their faces and the occasional word back and forth between them. They weren't going to agree with him - this clumsy Bard. But they may agree with a well spoken elven linguist.

Barry dug deep into himself and looked for the part of him that he'd burried. He didn't like the idea of influencing the ones around him, but maybe just a nudge.

When he opened his eyes after a moment and began to speak, it was as if he were speaking words that came from somewhere far away.

"My newly found friends." He spoke softly, but they all turned to listen. "We all have our reasons to be hesitant and we all have reasons to leap forward. But now is the time for reasoned action. Now is the time to go with eyes wide open into a world that hasn't ever been seen by human eyes. To discover a story waiting to be told. All we must do is ask one question to clarify the situation and we can be on our way."

He looked at their softened expressions - it was now or never. Either they would go along with it, or stop him. "Now, friends, I will ask the question that I posed if we are all in agreement." Each of them nodded, although Greta was the only one with a smile on her face. Was there nothing that could break these guys' stoicism? He wondered to himself.

Barry had used his influence to guide the conversation, but he was sure that the responses he got were genuine.

"Sir," Barry addressed their new employer, "I ask on behalf of my comrades, What is the "Jade Tome" that the goblin didn't want us to know about? We expect honesty if we are to risk our lives.

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