The fate of the world...

So, you are the cautious kind? That's good, much better chance for everything to go smooth there. Do not worry about the return portal or portal refusing to let your weapons trough. A spell is a kind of an "insult" to reality, and reality will want to put things back by returning you where you were. That includes only you and the things you entered with, so if you eat anything there, do it early, so there is nothing in your stomach when you come back, because the portal might try to separate it from you.

Now the half-smile fades from warlock's face. If you ask do you have to go in - no, you don't. But someone has to do it, and you are now the only one at hand. I cannot go, as portal may go wild if I'm not here, and Mr. Brown here just can't, portal works only on light races.

Listen here, something very serious is threatening all free races on Tearscape, light and dark. It is the danger so perfidious, even Gods do not notice it. Since I accidentally glimpsed that danger, something keeps sending assassins and other, worse things against me, and that's why I had to hurry, to find you and fire the portal before they get me. This spell is a tool against that danger, but I don't know anything more, so I need to understand what is on the other side. You see, it can't be anything too dangerous, as spell's creator planned to go there himself or herself. Now, the last question - are you the first. Unfortunately, you are. There is just one spell such as this ever created and there will be no other. If you come safely back and if I'm still here, I'll teleport us away and we will talk more. Now please go!

OCC: Wolf gets 300 EXP for making the warlock reveal more information, Barry gets 150. I will give out such EXP to reinforce you when you go in the good direction, when you make good choices or do something smart I wasn't thinking of. From now on I will not write "for making the warlock reveal more information", you get the EXP but you have to connect or guess why you got it. Excellent writing, all. Now, think about the last question, agree on it somehow.

Here we have a shared document you can use to vote and such things:

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