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Summary: The princess of the kingdom of Hyrule, Zelda.

Princess Zelda

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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Hylians (Human-like)


Princess Zelda, known throughout the land as the most beautiful Hylian to set foot on Earth; although that's just a rumor among commoners..

She is also known for her smarts and kindness towards everyone.

Skill Set

Even though she grew up in a castle, seldomnly leaving it, she had learned quite a bit:

-Single Sword fighting
-Minor Magic skills
-Horseback riding

Reason for wanting to rescue Zelda


Physical Appearance

With soft and smooth facial features, Zelda is quite the eye-treat for good reasons.

This blue eyed and pointy-eared girl stands at 5'6, which is rather standard for her age.

Zelda is quite thin, but has a fullness to her in the right places..


Kind, warm, brave and true, what hasn't been said about this princess?

Zelda is one of a kind when it comes to giving another living creature the best example of humane behavior.

History Until Ganon appeared

Zelda had been lonely in the halls of her castle, so she could only spend her days chatting with guards and care-takers, playing with her many pets; but mostly, she read books about the world out there, curious to know more.

Life Motto

Speak from your heart, or don't speak at all.


Zelda is inheritedly powerless against the chaotic power of dark magic.

Final Goal

Zelda wishes to one day be free and roam the world with a friend or two.

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Image of Princess Zelda
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