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Summary: Ganon, lord of all Evil.


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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Demon


Feared throughout the entire free world for countless ages, Ganon reincarnated every few generations to have it's turn at utterly destroying the land and it's inhabitants.

Skill Set

Little is know about the true destructive capabilities of this Monster..

Reason for wanting to rescue Zelda


Physical Appearance

This time around, Ganon reappeared as an enormously scaled monster, completely absorbed in it's own dark auras. It's mere upper body could outmatch the Hyrule castle in terms of size.

Evil, menacing eyes could be seen at it's head.



History Until Ganon appeared

This lord of doom had waited a few centuries to gather it's every ounce of power to reclaim true and utter smashing victory over the Hylians this time around.

Life Motto



-The purest of light magic, enhanced to absolute maximum capacity.

-The sword that seals away darkness; AKA the Master Sword.

Final Goal

To vanquish all living creatures from the world, and raise the dead to serve him in an eternity of doom.

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Image of Ganon
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