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Summary: An insignificant farmboy determined to end Ganon once and for all or die trying.


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Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Hylians (Human-like)



Skill Set

Observation and some Stealth

Reason for wanting to rescue Zelda

That is only a mere side-note of his true goal.

Physical Appearance

Vera's outfit consists of a black shirt with a turtle neck collar that ends just below the chin, a pair of brown jeans and boots, and a murky brown cloak overtops it all.

Veras possesses soft and delicate features, however, the scar that runs down the left side of his face does much to impede this natural beauty.

Due to a genetic mutation, Veras' eyes are blood red, portraying hidden anger even when he is calm.

Veras stands at five feet and six inches, which is short for his sex and race.

He bears the rugged muscle of someone used to an honest day's work, however, due to financial struggles and constant malnutrition, his frame is somewhat frail compared to the average 17-year-old Hylian male.


On the battlefield or in times of peace, you are most likely to find either a frown or a calm stoic expression on this boy's face. At times he can be cheerful and usually maintains an air of agreeable pleasantness, however under it all, his seething rage for Ganon but festers, ready to lurch out in the form of a pointed object at his next foe.

Despite his background as a 'simple farm boy', most will find Veras to be a lot more well-spoken than he ought to be. This is due to his constant indulging in and love for novels, taking the best parts of fictional characters he admires and incorporating them into his own character. The novels also make for decent brain food, accounting for his above-average intelligence and articulacy.

History Until Ganon appeared

Veras lived a calm and normal life before Ganon's appearance. Things may have gotten tough from time to time, but with his loving family at his side, he felt couldn't ask for a better life. His last happy moment was a joyful breakfast with his family on a tame rainy morning. But then the rain poured harder.

Life Motto

It not about how angry you get, it's about what you do with that anger.


With nothing but his anger toward Ganon at his back, Veras lacks many of the skills to exercise that anger. Beyond that, a wise observer might count Veras' intense rage as both a strength and a weakness...

Final Goal

To finally slay Ganon once and for all.

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Image of Veras
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