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Summary: A helpful little guiding hand, Navi the Fairy.


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Gender: Gender Neutral

Age: Unknown

Group: Fairy


Navi has no sort of reputation throughout Hyrule so far

Skill Set

Being a fairy, Navi can naturally fly, make bright light, and speak.

Reason for wanting to rescue Zelda

Navi, as the rest of the fairies, are forever bound to rid the world of darkness and preserve the holy light of the Goddess Hylia, who's blood runs through Zelda.

Physical Appearance

Navi is a tiny fairy who's form cannot be made out because of it's bright light.


Navi isn't a very emotional being, but it's truly dedicated to guiding those who brave the journey ahead.

History Until Ganon appeared

Navi was only born out of the need for heroes to rise against the chaos.

Life Motto

Hey, look, listen.


Being a tiny fairy, it's fairly easy to squash Navi like a bug.

Final Goal

Leading the heroes to ridding the world of Ganon and rescue Zelda.

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Image of Navi
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