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Summary: A shape shifter looking for his place in the world.


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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown (young adult, about 25)

Group: Hylians (Human-like)


A traveling artist and mask maker. He's not well known and prefers to keep to himself, but those who have met him will assure you He's friendly and kind.

Skill Set

A jack of all trades, but master of none. He's tried his hand at every craft under the sun; smithing, leatherwork, painting, carpentry, fishing, hunting, cooking, baking, horse care, wood carving, navigation, sailing, tracking, sewing, fletching, first aid.... Etc.

He is not, however, much of a fighter. He can fight, and likely win against the typical opponent, but he's nothing noteworthy at it. He can defend himself.

Reason for wanting to rescue Zelda

He has a unique... "Skill" that he feels he's meant to put to use. What better use than to help the kingdom he knows and loves?

See below for that skill.

Physical Appearance

Tall and lean, with the build of somebody always on the move. He has pale blue eyes and shoulder length dark grey hair.


He can be a little socially awkward, but he's very friendly. He has trouble fitting in anywhere for long.

He's always willing to help in whatever way he can. He has easily a hundred aquaintences, but no real friends.

History Until Ganon appeared

He has no idea where he came from. For all he knows, he could have fallen from the sky. He's named for the only thing he considers family; the land of Hyrule itself.

He's always on the move, never staying in one place for long unless he's found someone to teach him something new or he's found sometging to learn about. He gets by on trading and selling things he makes and comes across as well as offering his many services. If he can't secure the rupees, he's capable of finding food and shelter out in the wilds.

The special thing about Hyle is... He has no idea what he is or what he looks like. He's discovered a magic of his own, capable of giving him form through the masks he makes. Without them, he is weak and invisible.

He studies everything he can about a creature or race before attempting to make a mask depicting one. Once he's crafted it, he can remove the one he's currently wearing and turn into whatever mask he's made. He can take on many shapes this way, but they're almost always some shade of grey with pale blue eyes.

Life Motto

I'd never be so naive to think I've seen it all.


Rejection and not having his masks.

Final Goal

To find a place he belongs.

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Image of Hyle
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