Dark Times Ahead

The land of Hyrule has been a quiet kingdom, filled with prosperity, hope, and everlasting peace; a seeming lifetime of joy had filled the hearts of people around all four corners of the map, and it would seem not even a moody weather would get in the way of another fine day; and so, heavy rain had poured over the grassy fields of central Hyrule.

"It hasn't rained like this for a while, father.. ", Zelda had just been sitting, eating dinner with her father in the oversized table in the dining court.

Just then, thunder had made it's noise from outside the brick walls, and heavily so.

"Actually, dear child, I don't think I've ever seen a storm so fierce.", the king answered and put down his fork. "Worry not though, child.. We are protected.", he smiled to her, trying to reassure her.

"Fools... Fools... FOOLS!", a thunderous voice of a devil reincarnated had brought silence to the dining room, and the candles were all but blown off, making the room dark. "Guards!", the king had assembled his troops, but to no avail, the ceiling had been ripped off as if it was Zelda's plaything toy palace, and a hand of pure dark energy burst from above, slaughtering the kingdom's finest knights on the spot.

"Ahhhhh!!!", Zelda couldn't help but yell helplessly at the horrid sight. Afterwards, the rest of the dark energy had taken the king by storm, stripping him of all his dashing outfit, leaving him to fly off to an almost certain death in his underwear; "ZELDAAAA!!!", he shout while zooming over to wherever he had lander, far off.

"What do you want from us?!", Zelda took some steps back from the evil, menacing eyes that were staring her down. She had reached the wall, having her back against it.

"your life force... Princess.", The evil force of pure chaos had spread itself all around the castle, making any entrance physically impossible, and then-- with a beam of shadow, he shot to the clouds above some of his energy, and instead of rain, it had been raining drops of his vile aura, transfroming every creature or man unlucky enough to an undead slave to Ganon's whims.

"Someone... Help.", was all she managed to say.

The king, Groham, in a chance given by fate itself, had landed on a stack of hay, not too far from the castle, and the hay made sure he didn't get any of the corrupted energy on him.

Days past, and The King sent out a dire massage to all corners of the known world:

"To you, dearly beloved fellow men and women.. Like the prophecy of old had told us time and time again, Ganon, the lord of evil, had returned to the face of our realm..and with that, our very existence is at a brink of annihilation.. I'm afraid, all that's left for him to achieve before just that, is to consume my dear Zelda's pure life force so he can truly lay waste to us all in a single blow. To any of whom brave enough.. I beg of thee.. Travel to the four corners of the world; find the star fragments that weaken Ganon's force!...they should be located at the dry Gerudo desert, the deep Zora domain, the fiery death mountain, and the high-above Hebra peak...

Countless treaures of highest value shall be rewarded to the heroes who shall make the deed, and rescue my beloved Zelda... I beg of you, help us all."

In less than a day, every city, town, inn and gathering of any sorts had received the word, and it was a time of great doubt for all. Who could possibly wish to survive such a difficult journey? Or more so, taking on the devil himself?!

Nevertheless, a single tavern in the peaceful Kakariko village, far away as could get from central Hyrule; had just been host to the first champions who'll take on the quest.

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