Mountains and Molehills

Hyle chuckled. "Well… not always, but… plenty happens out on the road."

The fairy found an opportunity to pipe up and spout its exposition again. Hyle returned his box to his bag. "H-hey now, slow down little one…" The fairy did seem rather determined. "You sure you don't have us wrong? I mean… Varas, I'm sure you're perfectly determined, but…"

"Well, I was meaning to ask you. You don't exactly seem like a fighter, and to be honest, I'm not much of one either, but the two of us do seem to be bolder than most at least. So, do you intend to face off against Ganon as well? I know my intentions are set."

Hyle nervously tapped his fingers on his leg. "Let's not… make a molehill out of a mountain…" he mumbled nervously. He tried to consider it all carefully. There was no way, none at all, that the two of them could take down Ganon, king of evil. Not even with a tiny fairy to guide them. How could anyone? That got him thinking about the legends of old… the heroes of times past. "Well… I suppose… Nobody ever went from point A to point B with him… there was plenty of preparation and… strengthening up. I suppose it might, might be plausible that we could… I dunno, assemble a… a team of some sort? There's no way any one person…" He sighed, turning back to the fairy. "What were you saying about finding four… four, what were they? What do we need them for?"

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