Less Talking, More Walking

"What were you saying about finding four… four, what were they? What do we need them for?", the tall of the two had asked Navi, making an unsure expression on his face, probably not by wish.

"The four Star fragments are unique bright stones that once fell from the sky and are the last known sources of pure light in Hyrule! There are currently four of them, one in each corner of the kingdom!", Navi flew around with jolly feelings; he felt so very important when his companions are that lost.

"But before I'll lead you to them, you must be well equipped and trained well! The fragments are held by Ganon's fiercest champions of Chaos!", Navi had confirmed the dire rumors that were going around about especially strong minions of Ganon's.

"Remember, off with you to Eldin bridge after you get some sleep!", it shrieked in an annoying pattern of sounds and landed shyly on Veras' shoulder,as if it's wings are out of charge. Outside the thunderstorm had no intention of losing it's strength any time soon.

Well, to be fair, Navi was indeed only born yesterday. It was tired.

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