One step at a time

Hyle was certainly feeling overwhelmed. “Uh… one step at a time, I guess. There's an inn just across the road I usually stay at, unless you have somewhere else in mind, Veras."

What a pair they were. Two young, weak, nobodies… off to fight Ganon.

“That sword…” he inquired once he had his bag back in place. “You use it much?” Again, he was no expert, but it was his guess the thing had been hung up on a mantle for years. He had a sword of his own, as well as a bow, but he'd left them with Blue. After today, he'd be sure to always keep them much closer.

He'd made his own sword. It was nothing special, just the result of lessons in smithing. The blade was slightly warped and off-balance, but he kept it sharp and had adorned it with swirling engravings and a neatly woven leather handle.

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