In the Inn

Veras let out a quiet sigh of relief upon Hyle's reaction to his dismissal of the previous topic. He hated to come off as rude in any way, but thankfully it seemed the other Hylian didn't mind too much.

As the walked out into the rain, Veras slipped his cloak over his head, already slightly damp from before and only getting wetter. The walk was a quiet one, having exhausted the pleasantries and small talk the two had not much else to say to each other.

Veras followed without a peep as he looked around the village as they passed through it. It wasn't exactly the largest place, but it was well condensed, tall oak trees where there weren't buildings, fences and shrubbery where there weren't trees, and plenty of decorative items and knickknacks to fill the remaining space. A plateau of moderate height wrapped around the town flanking it on almost every side, and the buildings within stood on many an uneven surface, some raised, some depressed, almost as if the houses and such had once been built on flat ground but earth below had shifted itself, leaving each building completely intact. It was an interesting feature, sure, but in the wilds of Hyrule, settlements such as this were not uncommon. Surely though, Hyrule Castle would never have been built on such wildly uneven earth, though Veras himself had never seen the great structure to confirm that.

"Are you coming in?"

Veras' head snapped in the direction of the speaker, seeing Hyle holding open the door of what seemed to be the Inn, a concerned expression on his face.

"Oh! My apologies..."

Veras quickly rushed in, and the door was closed behind him.


The Innkeeper, Rook (according to Hyle, who seemed to know the man well), seemed nice enough and had got them into a room quick enough. Veras had initially expected they'd get two separate rooms, but then again this was a modest little inn in a modest little village, and what with the recent happenings, it made sense that rooms would be sparse. It didn't matter though, Veras was simply glad to be out of the rain now, it was more than the wet and cold that bothered him.

Veras eyed the leak as they entered the room, watching the droplets drip from the ceiling into the placed buckets, gritting his teeth a bit with each drop. Thankfully, Hyle poured out the buckets without missing a beat and dropping into empty buckets, the sound was significantly more tolerable.

“Should be a quick job…Maybe I won't have time to do them all, but…”

"I could help you-" Veras immediately snapped, before pausing for a moment, "Well, I mean, after all you've done for me, I at least owe you a hand. I'm no stranger to a little honest work."

As he spoke, Hyle was in the process of emptying his travel bag out, presumably to let his things dry? Veras had a pouch of his own, though significantly smaller. The cover of his cloak had served well to keep his innermost items from getting soaked by the rainwater, however the same couldn't be said for his hair nor the cloak itself. Veras stood, walking over to the nearby dresser. Reaching a cupped hand out of his cloak, he carefully placed down Navi, their fairy guide, onto the surface, who for now seemed quite exhausted and intent on resting for some time.

He proceeded to hang up his cloak, intent to let it dry and sat on his bed before pulling a piece of bread from his pouch, a small leather bag that hung at the waist, and taking a bite out of it. Observing Hyle's rather varied assortment of items which he pulled from his own bag, the Hylian felt compelled to speak once more.

"You're some kind of traveler, aren't you Hyle? I'd expected as much back at the tavern, though I wasn't compelled to speak on it. Just where must you have been to acquire so many...things?" He asked, equal parts curious and perplexed.

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