He chuckled, sitting down on his bed. "I'm quite the magpie, aren't I?" he admitted. "I have a hard time letting go of anything I think could be useful. Yes, I'm a traveler. I travel for travel's sake. I've been just about everywhere in Hyrule, or at least passed through it. I fancy myself an artist, but I'll pick up any craft if I get the chance. Last place I was, not just passing through it, I mean, was Dragon Roost island. You've heard of it, haven't you? Home of the Rito?"

He took a large pouch he'd set out and dumped its contents on the floor. It was a damp and stuck together lump of rainbow colors. "Aw, damn…" he muttered, laying them out to dry a bit better. He plucked out a sizable red feather and showed it to Veras. "I was studying their culture… their way of life and their traditions. What I love to make most are masks depicting the spirit of different people and creatures. I can't keep and carry them all, unfortunately, so I sell them once I've had my time with them. I have a few though. The Rito one included. All these feathers are leftover material." He'd been using the small bag as a pillow. It was the softest one he'd ever experienced. "When we head out tomorrow, I'll show you. They're with my horse."

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