Rest at Last

"Last place I was, not just passing through it, I mean, was Dragon Roost Island. You've heard of it, haven't you? Home of the Rito?"

"Ah, yes..the uh...bird people?" Veras cringed at his crude interpretation, but it was, in truth, all he knew them by. Unlike Hyle he never did much traveling, all of his knowledge of the words came from books and whatever media he had consumed. He envied Hyle for that very reason, his ability to spread his wings wherever he pleased, and so far it seemed as if there wasn't a single field or facet of life that he hadn't at least dipped his toe into.

Hyle then produced a stack of feathers onto the ground, each one seemingly a different color. They had been soaked, but it did little to degrade the beauty of the feathers. The grey Hylian pulled a large red feather from the pile, offering to show it to Veras. He happily obliged, leaning onto the edge of his bed to get a better look.

"I was studying their cultureā€¦ their way of life and their traditions. What I love to make most are masks depicting the spirit of different people and creatures. I can't keep and carry them all, unfortunately, so I sell them once I've had my time with them. I have a few though. The Rito one included. All these feathers are leftover material."

Veras reached out, gently stroking the feather.

"Incredible..." Was all he had to say. He had managed to keep his composure up for what he felt was the better part of today, but he was but a teenager after all, not even at the age of 18 yet. He was beginning to feel comfortable around Hyle, and his variable skillset was something Veras couldn't help but admire. Of course, he'd let his guard down, if only for a second.

"When we head out tomorrow, I'll show you. They're with my horse."

Veras could take a hint, enough talking for one day. It was likely dreadfully late anyway, and who knows how long they'd be up tomorrow. Veras lied down facing the ceiling, just as he would at home. His family all slept in one big room, he'd usually turn and tell them goodnight, but now there was only Hyle. Veras looked over, only a silhouette as all else was shrouded in darkness. He considered it, but soon thought better, turning over to himself before finally closing his eyes.

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